Ocean Cleaning Scavenger Vessels

Ocean Cleaning Scavenger Vessels. The contamination of our waterways by biological and chemical waste, floating debris and runoff is a growing concern worldwide. As a result of human activity, large amounts of nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, RAW SEWAGE and hydrocarbons are introduced into the water.  These, in turn, allow harmful bacteria like E.coli, viruses, algae and insects to breed.

The Scavenger2000™ is the most effective pollution control and water maintenance vessel available in the WORLD today.  It has been designed by a United States of America company called Water Management Technologies to clean and rejuvenate waterways such as lakes, river, harbors, bays and industrial waste water in order to promote HEALTHY and SAFE environments.

At the heart of the Scavenger Vessel is the OxyPlus™ advanced water decontamination system. When oxygen is injected into polluted water, the enrichment contributes directly to reducing contaminants suspended in the water. With the addition of ozone to the aeration process a very powerful yet environmentally safe disinfection occurs in the body of water being treated by the Scavenger Vessel™.

Ozone has been applied with great success in municipal sewer treatment processes worldwide because of its ability to disinfect water without leaving the harmful by-products left by chlorine. In fact, ozone has been found to be more than 100 times more powerful than chlorine in destroying E.coli bacteria.

Before and After Decontamination

As water enters through the bow of the vessel, the OxyPlus™ generates ozone and oxygen and injects it into the water. The ozone’s life expectancy varies between a few seconds and a few minutes. The ozone then converts into oxygen. This process supports Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), breaks down substances so that they become digestible to bacteria, and supports the aerobic oxidation of toxic nitrogen compounds.

By altering the surface charge, ozone enables suspended particles to coagulate and be easily removed. In addition to algae and improving water clarity, ozone effectively oxidizes some pesticides and some algae therefore improving water clarity. Lastly, it increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water, which has a rejuvenating effect. The Scavenger Vessel’s decontamination rate is 1.2 million gallons of water per hour with an hourly oxygen injection rate of up to 600,000 liters. This increases the dissolved oxygen levels in the water, and reduces the number of toxins in the water.

Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center says: “The Scavenger vessel’s OxyPlus™ technology can significantly improve water quality. A single pass through the vessel’s systems can reduce
up to 98% of bacteria
and coliform in the water, and reduce algae counts by half”.

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