Bulk waste and Debris Collection

The Scavenger vessels feature a retractable trash basket (transfer hopper) made of stainless steel, which is mounted on the front of the vessel.  This trash basket picks up debris floating on the surface of the water, up to a depth of 2 1/2 feet.  The basket’s design, which resembles a comb or grate, is engineered to virtually eliminate any water turbulence during the “vacuum/suction” operation. The trash basket (transfer hopper) has a maximum load capacity of approximately 2,500 pounds.

The trash basket (transfer hopper) has a capacity of 0.25 cubic meters per load or lift.  It is emptied into  a containment bin by means of a hydraulic system, which is operated from the cabin.The containment bin has a holding capacity of 7 cubic meters. Continuous debris collection is ensured by a secondary grill that is automatically activated to keep rubbish from entering channel while the basket is being emptied into the trash bin. Water is funneled into the bow through a vacuum effect.  The vessel never has to run after debris.

Please see above diagram for the Trash basket and Trash Bin.

Water Cleaning Management Systems Scavenger 2000 Vessels Florida

Water Cannon

  • The water cannon on the Scavenger vessel is multi-purpose:
  • It cleans hard to reach areas, under docks and seawalls
  • The high volume and the high pressure makes the Scavenger vessel effective for fighting fires
  • It can be used as an auxilllary means of propulsion


The Scavenger vessel can make a 360-degree turn in place, with the bow doors open and in sweeping mode. This maneuver can be done without interrupting the decontamination process, using the special rear deflector that is attached to the stern of the vessel. Thus, the Scavenger2000™ never has to interrupt its recovery system, never stopping the suction flow into the bow of the vessel.

Vessel Technical Specs

  • Length: 38 Ft.
  • Beam: 8 ft.
  • Height (from water line): 10 ft.
  • Width at bow when doors are opened: Up to 16 ft.
  • Draft: 4 ft.
  • Gross Weight: 12.5 Tons
  • Main Power Plant: Marine Diesel Engine
  • Water Cannon: 1000 U.S.G. per minute at 100 psi
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 120-150 U.S. Gallons
  • Crew Required: 1 or 2 Operators
  • Decontamination Rate: 10,000 to 20,000 US Gallons per minute


The Scavenger vessels can easily be transported by truck, boat , train or plane anywhere in the world.